Morningside Dr. Conway, AR
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My dad started flying model airplanes pretty young. So, he was well into it by the time I came along. Here are a few pictures of some of his early planes, my "first" plane I got for Christmas one year that he made me, and a few pictures of recent planes. Some of our planes hang in the office and you may see them rotate around and change from time to time as we get a hankerin' to fly something that has been decoration at work for a while. The maroon and cream airplane at the office is actually the plane my dad learned to fly on that belonged to the older gentleman that taught him. We found the airplane in the hobby shop my dad went to as a kid when the owner's widow was closing the doors. She let dad have the plane and we thought this would be a cool place for it to be seen. It's in amazing condition for a well flown plane that is nearly 60 years old!

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